It's important to read through all details on this page as it will help you understand the process if we have sent you the link to this page.) Of the thousands of orders we have shipped, we occasionally get emails stating that an order was not received although your tracking shows it was delivered to your mailbox or an individual at the address.

Below we have explained the two different processes we will take to resolve this issue to help locate your package. As a reminder when we emailed you, your tracking we advised you of your tracking number and advised, "We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods once your package is delivered. Please be sure to make proper arrangements to receive your package."

Please understand we provide you with a tracking number to track your order and we now provide text message updates about your order status to assist you with setting up proper arrangements to receive your package.

We provide you with all tracking and notifications so you can receive your order, to avoid this situation. There are two processes we have if you received free/USPS first class shipping or you paid priority for shipping. Before we explain please complete these steps.

  1. If there are other people that live at your shipping address please talk with them to see if they may have your package.
  2. Check with your postal delivered person. That is the person that delivers mail to your address on a daily basis.
If that doesn't resolve to find your package please review your order email to review the type of shipping you paid for.   Free Shipping / USPS First Class Shipping:
  1. Contact USPS by phone by calling: 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) or email them by clicking here: USPS Email Support. With your tracking number provided to you from our email.
  2. Please submit a missing mail claim with USPS by clicking here. Then click Submit a Search Request. Please contact us back with your claim information so we can have our USPS team also investigate.
If you don't follow the above steps we can submit the claim for you however it will take 15 to 30 days for us to get a response. It's important we do this as we will not just ship your order out again as we DO NOT want the same thing happening so these steps insure if we ship again we can have the reassurance that it will be delivered to you the next time we ship. Paid for USPS Priority Mail: If you paid for priority mail your package was covered by USPS insurance. If this is the case we will submit the claim for you and after USPS investigates depending on the outcome we will ship your order out again which will take 1 to 3 weeks before you receive new tracking. We would have loved for you to get your order the first time we shipped it however we understand USPS sometimes may not be perfect and miss placements of packages from them may happen. However to ensure you get our next shipment to you these steps help make sure USPS and their postal person get it right the next time.