For wholesale purchases with Sauce Avenue, we made it easy! Our site is already set up to take your wholesale order, here is our discount breakdown.

10+ – 12 items = 45% Off

13+ – 29 items = 50% Off

30+ items = 60% Off

After adding the products you want to order use code: wholesale for the wholesale discount to apply. Click update or refresh the page if pricing doesn’t update.


All merchandise MUST be sold as Sauce Avenue

NO renaming merchandise
NO changing and/or removing tags from merchandise (as this is PROHIBITED at any capacity, and will result in a termination of seller/merchant agreement). We also reserve the right to request that any remaining merchandise be sent back to us if guidelines are not adhered to
All merchandise sold/displayed on the company’s websites (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) MUST be visibly marked as the brand Sauce Avenue

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We’re looking forward to doing business with you and your company!