The inspiration for our God Lives Forever design came from a personal desire to create garments that conveys a powerful and uplifting message.

As believers in Christ, we understand that God is eternal and His love for us never fades. We wanted to create a design that would serve as a reminder of this truth, and give people the opportunity to wear their faith on their sleeves.

We were inspired by the timeless and enduring nature of God's love. We'll incorporate this theme into our designs, using symbols and imagery that speak to the idea of eternal life and the unfailing nature of God's love.

We'll be using elements that represent the infinite nature of God's love and the fact that it will never end. We also incorporated biblical passages and quotes about God's eternal nature into our designs, as a way to encourage and inspire others to remember the truth of His love.

Ultimately, our God Lives Forever is a celebration of the enduring love of God and a reminder of His constant presence in our lives. We hope that our garments will inspire people to embrace their faith and share it with the world, knowing that God's love is with them always.

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